14.5 hours.

That is exactly how long I had in Edmonton last night. My flight landed at the airport in Edmonton at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. The next flight took off at 7 am this morning.

14.5 hours, if your were interested is . . . .

Not long enough to:

  • Have your hair dry from the bath you took before bed
  • Bother taking your briefcase upstairs
  • Eat a single meal at your house
  • Go into any room other than the bathroom and your bedroom

It is long enough to:

  • Hug your husband
  • Get a solid 5 hours of sleep
  • Pet the animals
  • See this . . .


Niece playing in volleyball tournament – playing coaches. She got creamed but we are proud all the same.

  • Go out for a family dinner familydinner

So. Not very long, but long enough to do the stuff that matters.

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2 Responses to 14.5

  1. a says:

    Boy, you can really pack some activities into a short period of time, can’t you?

  2. Mr. Spit says:

    It was a real whirlwind. But so good to have you home, even for that length of time!

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