On the Road Again . . .

I just had a 16 floor conversation with a fellow road warrior, and in that brief conversation, we came up with a list of “you know you spend too much time on the road when”:

1. You have ever come to a hotel and they greet you by name and notice that you got a hair cut over the weekend.

2. You have ever had to go down to the front desk to enquire what room you are staying in that week.

3. You have ever gotten excited about going to a restaurant at an airport and then realized that the restaurant you wanted was at another airport, because they all look the same.

4. You know without looking what the flight numbers are, and what gate you will be departing at.

5. The security guys remember you.

6. You know which shoes, jewelery and hair clips you can wear that won’t set off the metal detector.

7. You have ever been relived at the thought of a multi-city road trip because you know that you can wear the same suit and only change your shirt, just like the guys do.

8. You have ever had to buy more underwear because you stayed longer than expected. Bonus points if you have ever had to wash underwear in the bathroom sink and dry it with the hair dryer because you didn’t have time to get to a store to buy more.

9. You can pack in 5 minutes.

10. You have ever had to call a front desk, look at the guest services book or call a friend to find out what city you are in. Because you honestly don’t know.

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  1. Mr Spit says:

    At least you don’t get so discombobulated as to forget where the last stop of the week will be!

    I look forward to receiving you back home after each week that you are needed away.

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