On a grey Friday.

1. I am knitting my great niece a dress for spring. I have decided that it simply must have smocking. I have spent a stupid amount of time looking at smocking patterns.

2. Mr. Spit wants to know who the guy I fancy is. I’m not sure it’s wise to ‘fess up to that. Your thoughts, internets?

3. You know that scene in the Lord of the Rings where Merry and Pippin are trying to convince the Ents to help in the war? Well, the fights I’m having with the IT Guys feels like that. My boss keeps asking me if we have solved the problem, and I’m left saying “well, we are still arguing if there is a problem, and if there is a problem (which is by no means agreed upon) then we haven’t decided whose problem it actually is.

4. Fact number 3 may explain my looking at smocking patterns. I find it soothing.

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3 Responses to Randomly

  1. HereWeGoAJen says:

    It definitely must have smocking.

  2. Mali says:

    I don’t know about the smocking, but yes, I want to know who the person is you fancy. You’ve seen Friends, right? Everyone gets to have a “freebie list!”

    (My husband knows who’s on my list, and I certainly know who he fancies!)

  3. loribeth says:

    Per Mali’s list, yep. ; ) He knows who’s on mine (e.g., George Clooney, John Cusack, Bruce Springsteen) & I know who’s on his (e.g., Valerie Bertinelli — longtime crush, lol, and — after seeing her wear umpteen dresses onscreen in “American Hustle” that were both braless and slit to the navel — Amy Adams).

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