Dear Miserable Old Bat . . .

Dear Lady in Seat 14C.

I’m sorry. They obviously failed to explain something to you.

Your approximately $300 plane ticket entitled you to about 18 inches of space across your seat. It did not. . . .

Let me repeat this, I think it’s vitally important you catch this.

It did not . . .

Entitle you to a sound free flight.

And yes, that baby behind you was not happy. And her big brother was adorable but had no ability to modulate his voice for a smaller space.

Yes, we all heard this little boy’s observations on flying.

And then we heard the baby. Look, I’m not going to lie. I had a bunch of work to do that I really should have done earlier today, but I didn’t get it done. And yes, I could hear the baby over my music and yes it did grate on the nerves.

The baby can’t help it. I’m sorry, it sucks,

You on the other hand, were the grown up.

You had the ability to realize that the flight was an hour and twenty-two minutes and it is possible to cope with anything for an hour and twenty-two minutes.

You had the ability to be the adult. The adult who didn’t move and grump and mumble under her breath and tip her seat back so the mum in the seat behind you who was trying her level best to settle that baby could barely move.

You had the ability to be something other than a miserable old bat.


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2 Responses to Dear Miserable Old Bat . . .

  1. Needles says:

    Yeah, I hate this kind of thing. Grownups really ought to be grown up.

  2. debby says:

    A reminder that we all have the choice not to be miserable old bats, and that we should make that choice each and every time we find ourselves getting frustrated over some detail in our day. We don’t have to be miserable old bats.

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