I meant to write another post today, indeed I have it started, but it just isn’t going where I want it to go. And by that, I mean that it isn’t going anywhere.

I decided, while trying to sort through what I want to get at in that post that I would actually do some, you know, work.

I had to take an excel spreadsheet and run a vlookup, which takes one column of data and compares it against another column and will return a different value or tell you if the value is present or all sorts of things. It’s a super duper handy excel function that if you want to do anything with excel you should absolutely know how to do.

It’s a function that I used . . . . A LOT.

And I went to plug in the syntax and I could not remember the syntax. I had to seriously think about it. I haven’t done anything advanced in Excel in almost 2 years. It’s not part of my life anymore.

I’m ok with that. By in large, the things that I do most of the time are things that I love. Once in a while I miss sitting down with an enormous spreadsheet chock full of data and pulling out all sorts of interesting trends with hours and hours of advanced functions built on top of advanced functions.

It was frustrating to stumble my way through a syntax that was as once as natural to me as English. That part was a bit surprising, how much you forget and how quickly you forget.

I guess the point of moving on is that we do have to leave things behind – both the things we want to leave behind and the things that we would rather hold on to.

In this case, gone is the petty politics and boring work. Also gone is the ability to perform vlookup.

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4 Responses to Identities

  1. Catherine W says:

    Ah my lovely friend VLOOKUP.

    It all gets left behind in the end doesn’t it? All of it.

  2. Mr. Spit says:

    And to think, people once called ME the computer geek. 😉

    Excel, how’s it look in your rear-view mirror? 🙂

  3. Sheryl says:

    Love VLOOKUP!

  4. MargieK says:

    I’ve seen VLOOKUP in others’ spreadsheets, but never learned how to use it. But there are lots of other functions I can’t remember the syntax for, either. Usually, though, I can remember another spreadsheet where the function was used, and I can go back to that for reference. Or when all else fails putz around with the “help” references (which usually aren’t that good) until I find what I need.

    One of the most important lessons I got from my college education is that you don’t need to remember everything, you just need to remember where to find it. And then the internet came along and made that even easier.

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