Always Worse

Most mornings I roll over in bed, turn off my alarm, grab my phone, text Mr. Spit, check for email, check facebook, say good morning to the Handsome Aussie and then look at my calendar.

Now, you might suggest that looking at a calendar which is over full before you have even left the warmth of your bed is not a good plan and I would allow you are right. I’m used to it now, so I usually wince a bit and possibly whinge a bit to Mr. Spit or the handsome Aussie about how full my day is, and then I get out of bed, pour coffee into myself and get on with it.

This morning, knowing it was going to be a particularly bad day, I rolled over, did my usual things and flipped to my calendar, which was  . . . . blank.

Blanker than a white wall, blanker than the look on a teenagers face as she gets caught with a mickey of Jack Daniels and tries to find some reasonable excuse, blanker than blank.

And when you are already overbooked, these are the sorts of things that spiral into a crises very quickly. I have 7 meetings today between 9 and 5, located across a very large university campus. I have practice stuff to do and I have to keep it all organized and straight and get it all done before 5.

There is no way I was going to be able to manage this if I didn’t have a calendar.

If you were wondering – for a moment, I thought about calling in dead this morning and going back to sleep.


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  1. Needles says:

    Some days this seems like a perfectly valid excuse.

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