Carefully Structured

Mr. Spit happened to drive into work with me this morning. This isn’t a usual thing, we often leave at different times or are in different cities, but it just happened to work out.

There was a downside.

My life is often lived on the ragged edge – I am very busy and going in a million different directions and one of my key coping strategies is to do the same things in the same way, every day.

So, I drive in the same way, I park more or less in the same spot. My parking stub comes out of the machine, goes into the coffee cup holder, and then when I park the car, the very first thing I do is take the parking voucher and put it into my purse.

I go into the office, unpack my computer and my breakfast and lunch and I put them on my desk. I get a cup of coffee and a bottle of water. Unpacking food and getting water ensures that I am more likely (not guaranteed) to eat and drink that day.

I find that when I do these things, leave them to routine and do the same things in the same way, I don’t forget things. At the end of a long day, knowing that I don’t have to hunt through my purse for my parking ticket to pay it, that I won’t forget to eat because my food was in the fridge and I just didn’t see it, it makes my life simpler.

The downside – Mr. Spit has a really good sense of how anal I really am.



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