Got Something

I finished a project yesterday. This was the Winnipeg project. The one that made me tear my hair out, gave me food poisoning, bad hotels, rotten meals and heartburn.

This was one of the projects where there was no connection with the client. I finished up, they said “thanks” and I said “yep” and we both went our separate ways. It’s not that I did a bad job. We delivered what we said we would. No one was unhappy.

It was kind of a “got nothing project”.

There was something though.

The ability to walk into a colleague’s office after the final presentation, tell her I was done and get the biggest hug good-bye.

In the midst of my questioning my ability to care for others, as I think that I am maybe a terrible friend, I realized  . . .

That’s not nothing.

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  1. Mali says:

    It definitely is not nothing. Also, getting a job done for a difficult or distant client where, in the end, no one was unhappy is also not nothing. Hope you have a sense of achievement, and can now relax a bit.

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