Dreams of Dying

I woke up on Monday morning after I dreamt of dying.

On Monday afternoon, at the end of my nap, a former friend died horrifically in my dream.

On Tuesday morning, I awoke to my mother dying, again.

I’m getting scared to sleep.

I’m not a big fan of interpreting dreams. I mostly just think dreams are dreams. Best left in that liminal space between sheet and cover. Let go of them as you put your feet on the floor.

It’s stayed with me.

Finally, in desperation I googled dreams of dying. Words like transformation. Changes. Letting go.

Am I stuck? In the midst of transformation? Wondering what to do next? Wondering what my life adds up to? Grieving?

I tell myself to let the dream go. It stays with me. Dying does that to a person.

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3 Responses to Dreams of Dying

  1. Even if it is about change, it’s disconcerting…

  2. Chris says:

    I have no idea if it’s “normal” or not, but I do know I dreamt about death a lot (especially my moms) after she died. I relived it in my dreams for years. And for someone who seldom sleeps that was not the way I wanted to spend the limited amount of sleep I got! But, as time has passed it’s happened less frequently. I hope this passes for you.

  3. carrie says:

    i think if you dream of oyhers dying it is a out loss and endings. if it is about you then transformation.

    either way letting go moving on, forgiving and letting go? with endings come beginnings so mayabe instead of grei ving go to bed asking what is next? where is the fork in the road? the star on the horizon?

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