I have an ophthalmology appointment today, which is no big deal, except that they are going to dilate my eyes and I won’t be able to see to drive myself home after. Mr. Spit is out of town, so I had to call a friend.

I called Whytelash, because it was likely that she was going to be able to come and rescue me – dump me off and pick me up blinking at the light like a mole exposed to sunlight. She’ll only laugh at me a bit.

This is the stuff of life – knowing who you can call on. Knowing who knows what matters to you and holds your hand when it gets tough. Knowing, when you have to climb a mountain, who you call.

And this has me thinking about the concept of tribes – about the moment when you find your people. It seems to me that this is the truest and most profound thing we do as humans – we spend our lives looking for those like us. When we find them we are wise to hold on to them.

Tonight, after I go and run, I will come home, shower and settle in with some friends to watch the polls in our provincial election. We’ll eat pizza and make toasts to the candidates that run in impossible ridings. The 20 year olds that run under the banner of a party that will never get elected in a particular riding, because they believe most purely and truly in democracy. We’ll see some upsets, some surprises.

Over food and alcohol, amidst the upsets and surprises, we will do what we always do – look at the future, safe among our loved ones.

From there we will think about the next mountain we wish to climb.

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