There’s a Reason I Don’t Have a Blog Today

the deck is stained.

the deck has stair rails.

the front veranda has no indoor/outdoor carpet on it anymore (and which idiot invented that, anyway?)

the front veranda has no railings (but oh, I love sledge hammers!)

the front veranda is missing some floor boards (ditto on the crow bar)

the front veranda has a rotten floor joist (and that’s how you see yourself over budget and behind time, before the project has even really started.)

Pictures tomorrow. More Advil right now.

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8 Responses to There’s a Reason I Don’t Have a Blog Today

  1. Two Hands says:

    My back is spasming in sympathy. I hope the rest of it goes very, very smoothly.

  2. Kuri says:

    Aw, indoor/outdoor carpet. Perfect for holding in moisture and mould so as to better rot decking. I'm so glad my place is officially free of that stuff, too.

  3. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    Wow! And you did all that on the hottest weekend of the summer so far!

  4. Martha says:

    Any project with the word "joist" in it equals over budget.

  5. Heidi says:

    Poor Mrs. Spit.

    Don't forget the Aloe Vera gel.

  6. Tash says:

    Sometimes it pays to pump the advil *before* the sledgehammer. It's a tough lesson, but I've learned it now myself. Same goes for splitting wood, hauling brick/stone, demo, etc. Beer after.

    Can't wait to see the after photos. We're cleaning up the yard for parties this weekend, but then it's (gulp) patio time. Help us all.

  7. Debby says:

    Mrs. Spit, when you're done there, why there is a veranda in Pennsylvania that you could work on.

    *ducks and runs*

  8. JamieD says:

    I've ALWAYS wanted to take a sledgehammer to something.


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