The Sort of Person you Want to Be

Sometimes it’s easy. You go to the elementary school play (which was pretty good, all things considering) because a niece you loved asked you to go the day she found out she got the lead role. You go and you sit in a crowded, hot auditorium, on uncomfortable chairs because it’s an important thing.

Long have I maintained that if there is any sin in the world, anything we can identify as wrong, it is the failure to give help, mercy, assistance when it is within your power to do so. That, in my books, is sin. To see someone in need or in want and have within your power the ability to help, and to look the other way.

If you were interested, the text is written. Because I over think things, I have written the text to a former friend, for mother’s day, which is not the best day for him. A simple “I’m thinking of you. Hope the day isn’t utterly wretched”

I’m not going to send it.

I could spend virtual ink telling you why, but I don’t think it matters. Let this be my confession. I had within my power the ability to send care and concern to someone, and I haven’t. I won’t.

I am sorry. Just not so sorry that I’m willing to change my mind.

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