I had my regular meeting with my manager today. And while we had a very rocky start, since my old manager went on stress leave, and I have been reporting to the new one, things have been better. Much better. We still don’t see eye to eye, but we aren’t hating on each other, either.

Among other things, I have been getting feedback about my job performance for the first time in 2 years. Real, actual, feedback. Things done well, and things to improve on. Which is great. Honestly there was nothing surprising, I tend to dominate the discussion in meetings, I’m sometimes impatient with people who are slow to catch on, and the like. It’s absolutely true. She’s also said some nice things about me too.

I got some feedback, via her, from another business unit, for the huge project I have been working on. Some of it was true, and I know I need to work on those issues, some of it wasn’t worth the proverbial paper it wasn’t written on, and 1 piece was just odd. (Apparently I have negative body language? Huh?)

But that’s not the issue. This is the project I knew very little about, spent a pretty fair bit of my own time bringing myself up to speed, so that I could hit the ground running. This truly was a case of “a lack of planning on your part is now going to equal a very huge, very stinking crises on mine).

So, of the 5 pieces of feedback this business unit provided about me, 2 were valuable, 1 was a situation that I would handle differently now that I know my boss better, and 2 related to stuff I wasn’t going to win at, any way it happened.

But of the 5 bits, some worth hearing and some not, there wasn’t a single good thing. They had nothing good to say about me. Not at all.

And I won’t lie.

That was a kick in the teeth.

Excuse me, while I slink off to a job interview tomorrow, with lots and lots of answers to what my weaknesses are.

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  1. Seraphim says:

    That is a kick in the teeth. I could write at length many good things about you Mrs Spit. Many, many things. Instead I will wish you all the best for your job interview and send you a big enveloping hug xxxx

  2. ..... Carmen says:

    I can't believe that nothing positive was said about your performance – especially with the work you had to put in to get yourself up to speed. A huge kick in the teeth. Seems to me that saying something positive when also giving criticism, is what makes a good manager, a good manager. I understand why you'd be wanting to head off to an interview…

  3. Jacinta says:

    Oh corporate life is a parallel universe, really. I did laugh at impatient with people who are slow to catch on! Ooops, not the only one Mrs Spit!

  4. niobe says:


  5. areyoukiddingme says:

    I wouldn't take it to heart too much – many managers operate on the "we must improve this person or I will not be able to show how well I manage" philosophy. That does not allow for a recounting of how well you did at things, or where you showed initiative. Good luck on your interview.

  6. Kuri says:

    I still think this process is stupid. Basically, it gives the other units carte blanche to say whatever they want about you and no one questions it: negative body language? What the hell does that mean? If they can't provide a concrete example, this is completely useless whining. They're just projecting that they do not know what the hell they're doing onto you. (Not the first time this would have happened either.)

  7. Inna says:

    I never understood why something so simple as stating something good about the person when giving feedback is so hard. My boss never gives any good comments even if I did do a fantastic job (as pointed out by others). He's quick to point out anything I did wrong, but even if I've fixed something, he never says that was much better.

  8. Ya Chun says:


    good luck!

  9. Bluebird says:

    Oh that sucks! I'm so sorry, that must have really stung. I really think some people just aren't in the habit of giving positive feedback – they consider "feedback" to consit of nothing more than a list of complaints.

    I'm certain you're dealing with such a person, since I know there were lots of positive things they could have – and should have – said.

  10. blueeyedtawni says:

    I always think the people who have nothing good to say are just jealous and petty people.
    hugs to you and wishing you the best for your job interview!

  11. Two Hands says:

    I'm with Seraphim. I could go on ad infinitum about your wonderful qualities.
    I'm sorry that they missed them.

  12. Brown Owl says:

    Been there.
    Felt that.
    It will get better.
    Keep your chin up. (not out – that would be negative body language!)
    Good luck on the interview… take your stage face with you! – open arms, no crossed legs, appropriately serious/happy face)
    Let us know!

  13. Martha says:

    I am so sorry Mrs.Spit. Good luck w/your interview.
    Staff evaluations say as much about the manager doing the evaluation as they do the employee. This input certainly shows a lack of balance, professionalism, and another agenda perhaps.
    ((Hugs)) sending you a virtual shot of something strong [-]

  14. Aunt Becky says:

    Oh Mrs. Spit. I will punch them for you.

  15. Natalie says:

    Oh jeez, that sucks. I bet it's not because you didn't do anything good (because, seriously, I just don't see that happening), but rather because they don't even know how to put in good feedback. I'm sorry, though. I'd be upset too. 🙁

    Good luck at the job interview.

  16. Debby says:

    I'd actually take that as more of an indication that your manager is not an experienced one. I don't get positive feedback from mine either.

  17. JuliaS says:


    {{{hugs}}} Mrs. Spit

  18. JamieD says:

    Evil Corporations is right. I cannot believe they didn't have one piece of positive feedback to give you.

    And 'negative body language'? I'm just shaking my head at that one.

  19. Tanya says:

    I rarely see anything positive on a performance review. It's all about the one instance that I tossed a binder on to my desk when someone put it on top of what I was currently working on (true story)… for that I get that I have a bad attitude (yes, I asked for clarification because how can I fix it if I don't know the problem)

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