In the Back of Academy Pizza

When Travis and Taryn came to the U of A the first time, when I took them around campus to the places I loved.

The pizza was $4.50 when I went to school there. It’s $5.50 now. You could smoke in the back room when I went to school and you can’t now. Otherwise? It’s the same. Same owners, same tables, same pictures, same pizza’s. Academy Pizza laughs at the changes of decades. They just keep making pizza.

3 and a half years ago I was having lunch Taryn and Travis, waiting on an offer letter from my current company. I read the offer letter in the back of Academy Pizza. It felt right to get that letter in that place. A pleasing sort of symmetry – the place that watched my undergrad years also watched me take a huge leap forward.

I was back in Academy Pizza on Tuesday with Taryn. I helped her schlep all of her stuff into her dorm room. She’s in her last semester. I watched her hair fall across her face, I watched her talk with her hands, so confident and self assured. I looked at her and thought about how she has grown. How we all have.

She bought lunch this time.

And I surfed my phone, waiting for an offer letter from a new employer.

I officially resigned. She started her last semester.

In the midst of change there is much comfort in knowing some places of our youth remain. Their walls watch us, even still.

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3 Responses to In the Back of Academy Pizza

  1. Ren says:

    Oh good old Academy Pizza . . .

    I was at my old fraternity house a couple of evenings this week helping get everything ready for the girls to move in for another year. I was watching out the window while I built Ikea dressers. It brought me back to all the times I walked down that street. The times I would grab a snack at Mac’s. The delicious fist bites of the Samosas from this place in HUB. Good memories but things are different now.

  2. carrie says:

    my memories of the U.jump decaeds! the arts program, and mixed chorus in the early seventies, Rutherford library and library sciences in the late nineties, fencing at the butter dome, dance at the Jubilee. I love the energy of the campus.

    on another note… Good for you Mrs Spit. Life is to short. eNjoy your morning coffees, and freedom from schedule.
    te crisp mornings are almost here and the breeze of change and opportunity is in the air!

  3. Kuri says:

    Classic FM Pizza off of Hastings near Harbour Campus was a $1 slice when I went to SFU. They would throw in a samosa for another 50 cents. Homeless people, students and corporate types alike ate there because it was tasty. I looked for it last time I was in Vancouver, but sadly it’s not there. There’s a gourmet pizza place not far where the slices are $7. Not the same clientèle at all. Gentrification!! Nothing lasts forever.

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