Monday Miscellany

  • I need gloves to walk the dog now. It feels rather like winter is coming early.
  • My 11 year old niece was at dinner for my birthday Sunday night and the minion introduced her to the word “junta”. And told her that junta’s were great, because you got to wear absolutely fabulous hats and everyone became a general. The problem is that all of this is true, but I’m deeply worried about what will happen when she gets to grade 9 and tells her teacher she thinks Junta’s are great. . . because of the hat’s.
  • For some reason I thought Canadian Thanksgiving was next weekend. It turns out that it’s the weekend after. I’m not sure whether I’m more delighted that I have an extra week, or that it’s 2 weeks until a short week.
  • I made really great lasagna for dinner. The thing is, everyone tells me how much they love my lasagna and that it’s the best they’ve ever had, but I actually hate my lasagna. I think I’m actually not a huge fan of lasagna.
  • World’s biggest humble brag – a friend bought me a great cardigan for my birthday. It turns out that at least in some cases, I fit a medium. This does not suck. (although my diet has been sucking.)
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  1. sharah says:

    What are these “gloves” you speak of? (we’re still bumping into the 80s with 100% humidity here. I’m ready for sweater weather.)

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