Monday Miscellany

  • Happy Election Day Canada. Thus ends the longest, most expensive and I swear the most divisive election in Canada’s history.
  • I will cast my vote and then go and watch the polls come in at the boys. Which is about all I can do to mend a heart rending election.
  • We did not talk about what it meant to be Canadian. We did not talk about the future of the Senate. We did not talk about women or first nations or any other meaningful national things.
  • We talked about stopping one woman from voting because we couldn’t see her face. We yelled at each other. We dragged ourselves through the mud, and unlike the pig I cannot help but think that none of us liked it.
  • I usually love elections. Never have I been more glad to see this one end.
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  1. loribeth says:

    Amen to all that, Mrs. Spit! I am hopeful that last night is the beginning of a much-needed change in tone from Ottawa.

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