This Post Will Not Have Home Renovation Pictures

The deck is painted and the furniture is back, and Mr. Spit helpfully pressure washed the front porch. The concrete is removed, and we have a rubble strewn path to dig up, lay down gravel and sand, and then pavers, also a raised flower bed to dismantle. Eventually, I think this summer, we will be replacing our fence in the front.

You can see those photo’s when the work is done, in early September. (I know, we are mean that way)

I have a bigger problem today.

I have been looking at fridges, enviously, for a while. I stop in stores, and I open the doors, and I pull out the freezer on the bottom, and I debate drawer-style or door-style freezers. I look at the adjustable shelving, and when I see a fruit and vegetable crisper, I cannot tell a lie, I swoon a bit. I debate 2 door and 1 door fridges, and I absolutely do not want a water dispenser or an ice maker. I don’t want stainless steel, which would look like lipstick on a pig in my old house, and I can’t decide between white or black. I know that I want the space to put eggs in, you know with the cups, but very few fridges have them any more. I look at the adjustable shelving, and a little shiver runs down my spine, and I giggle a bit, to myself. I know what space I have to work in, and what size I can be. I tell no lie, every time I try to cram my groceries into the inferior fridge I own, the resentment wells up in me.

I have looked at websites, determining what I want, and energy costs, and I have been surprised to discover that your fridge is probably your biggest energy guzzler. My fridge, that is at least 20 years old, and has a “problem” with smells, while it freezes vegetables randomly; this fridge is guzzling energy from my budget. It will not only make me happier, it will help save the planet to replace it. After all Mrs. Spit, think of the cute penguins in Antarctica, right?

I have been on, not so much a campaign as a barnstorm, to get a new fridge, looking at prices and budgets, and I have established that fridges go on sale in August and January. (We can’t afford a fridge in August, just in case you were wondering). But, we are putting money away. Maybe January, probably January. And in the interim, I look at them. I can see myself getting guests cream from my new fridge, in my blue dress, with an apron, and black high heels, with a lovely string of pearls around my neck. (and the lack of blue dress, an apron, or a string of pearls, does not send me into worry, I merely brush this aside, a new fridge will solve a multitude of sins)

The oven died today.

Oh, we have tried to pretend it wasn’t a problem, I have ignored erratic temperatures, and the entire Spaghetti Sauce repair bill, but no. 90 minutes after I had turned it on, it managed to achieve the princely temperature of 215 degrees F. Since I didn’t 3 hours to cook dinner, we came up with plan B. And no, I’m not going to call the repair man again, because it’s just not worth the minimum $200 cost, plus what ever he needs to fix it.

The oven heard we were looking at fridges, and it died today.

(Good-bye fair fridge. How I would have loved thee.)

Hello new oven, including the cost of a gas fitter, because I will not have another blinking electric stove in my life time.

I shall set my face as iron when I go to Sears tomorrow, looking at the . . .


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11 Responses to This Post Will Not Have Home Renovation Pictures

  1. Trish says:

    RIP old stove.

    FYI you can usually order an egg fitter thingy as an accessory for fridges. you might ask if you find one you like that doesn't have it.

    P.S. I think my washing machine is in mourning for your stove. It was not quite its usual self today. It even stopped giing cold water for a while. (only hot. Perhaps in honor of your stove?)

  2. Ya Chun says:

    Oh, you will love your new gas stove!
    Maybe you can still get a fridge in January…

  3. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    Ovens are notoriously jealous of plans to buy other appliances. Sorry you found that out the hard way. (But on the brighter side, what a delightfully well written post, Mrs. Spit!)

  4. loribeth says:

    I think I'll have to bring out some garlic or something in case your stove is contagious… I have a guy coming from Sears anytime now to look at our stove, fridge & washer (each 19 years old). They all still work but all have niggling problems that need to be fixed… so long as it doesn't cost almost as much as getting new appliances would. :p Good luck!

  5. Azaera says:

    We have gone through 3 fridges in the year that we have been here! Fortunately it's a rental property and they weren't our expense. The first one made a horrid "cul lunk culunk" sound every hour or so and it always managed to scare me and make me jump. Nothing like a loud noise at 3am to wake you up and make you think someone is breaking in. Then the second one was shipped without any freon! Oddly enough it didn't keep anything cold. Duh. Third one so far is holding up.

    You and C should team up. I hate taking him to Sears or any department store with appliances because we always end up leaving with a carpet shampooer or some other such thing that was "Wow half off! we HAVE to buy this now! I absolutely need it". He too can spend hours looking at appliances and I swear he gets a little too excited when we pass by the washing machines and dryers. There's a reason I call him my housewife..

  6. Kristin says:

    Check Craig's List before you buy new. We had to replace our fridge and I found a 26 cu ft side by side for only $150. It is pristine and works wonderfully.

    Sorry your appliances are giving you such a hard time.

  7. B says:


    I too have a stove that drops objects into my roast. (But it's still kinda works) I did source some cheap replacements on ebay.

  8. Jen says:

    Ooh, I would LOVE to have a gas stove.

    I used to go into all the appliance stores and pine for the beautiful washers and dryers.

    (Our fridge is black and two side-by-side doors, if it helps you decide on which fridge you now cannot buy.)

  9. JamieD says:

    I bet you can work up some excitement for a new stove once you go shopping for one! Maybe it won't be dazzling enough to make you forget about the fridge, but maybe it will lessen the sting.

    In our old house, I was complaining to my mother about how I needed to replace our stove because every time I turned it on, it smoked so bad the smoke alarms went off. Her advice was, "Or you could just clean it." I said, "Nah, I'll just buy a new one."

  10. Natalie says:

    Oh dear. Stupid stoves…. jealous creatures.

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