Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

I was sitting at my desk at 8:30 this morning and I realize that it may have looked from a particular angle like I was picking my nose, but I really was just scratching it while I booked something into my personal calendar.

That was when my boss turned up with a director, to introduce me.

I’m prone to things like this. I once met an Executive VP by falling at his feet when my stiletto broke. I dumped an entire cup of coffee on a CIO. I am, still, the freaking queen of accidental sexual innuendo. (Go ahead, ask me about my T&A project.*)

So, I salvaged it, like  I always do. We had an enjoyable 10 minute conversation about shoes and difficult clients and wine. She was very nice. She should have been memorable.

At 11, I was standing in the lobby, meeting a group of women to walk to a charitable luncheon my employer was sponsoring. I’m still new so I still spend a lot of time introducing myself to people.

I can’t explain it.

It’s not like she looked familiar. I wish I could tell you that a voice in my head was shouting loudly at me to stop, but no. There was no voice.

There was nothing.

Maybe 2.5 hours after I met her the first time, I stuck my hand out and introduced myself to her. Again.

Jill. Her name is Jill.

I’ve got that now.

I’m pretty damn sure she’s never going to forget me either.

*Time and Attendance. It’s a module for an ERP solution that will allow my client to do scheduling and time keeping. It’s not the other kind of T&A.

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  1. DR says:

    You are not alone. Yesterday I was at the airport thanking my team and saying goodbye as we parted ways after an important sales presentation. They called boarding for my plane, I decided to I should hit the ladies room before leaving. I wished them well, turned and WALKED STRAIGHT INTO THE MENS ROOM! Horror stricken after seeing a long row of in use urinals, I turned to flee and just about fell over my roller bag. Epic, I tell you. Epic.

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