Stronger Now

There are some falls that are almost cataclysmic. Things wobble and weave and you can see it coming. There are crashes so loud the very air echoes.

And there are crashes that you only understand after they happened. Crashes that you only perceive when stop long enough for the sound to catch up to you. Or something.

I don’t know. I know who was the proximal cause if there is such a thing.

That was the moment I called friends and got the name of a therapist and showed up and said “I don’t really know why I’m here, but in the last year I was diagnosed with MS, my boss quit and I had to take on part of his job, I was promoted, worked two truly terrible projects, almost had my marriage implode and last month my mum died and I think I’m maybe not ok”.

Last Friday I woke up exhausted. I am anemic, I have an ear and sinus infection and my MS Infusion was the next day. I needed my strength for Saturday. Infusion days are hard days.

I texted my minion, told him to take my meetings and called in sick. I went back to bed. I have been  thinking about how much I have grown and learned in the last year. How much healthier and happier I am and I thought about all of the ways  I am kinder and gentler to myself and the ways that I practice self care. I could tell you about all of those or I could just tell you  that I called in sick.

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  1. loribeth says:

    I am glad you called in sick! That’s what sick days are for. 🙂

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