What are we Saving Again?

Some of it is perception, and I freely acknowledge that.

Just this morning, Mr. Spit was driving me into the office (He’s on vacation) and I was blasé about the speed of traffic and he was going nuts. Perception is everything.

I seem to have been more aware of the light lasting longer into the evenings this year. I was more aware of the light in the morning, of watching the sun rise in the mornings.

This year I didn’t want or need daylight savings time. I didn’t want that awful feeling yesterday where I thought I had more time and would look at the clock and realize that I didn’t. From waking up late (well, 9 am that felt like 8 am and would have been 8 am were it not for lunacy), to eating dinner at 4:30, because  I was hungry. It’s all off balance and out of kilter. It’s just perception. It’s just an hour on the clock.

I just didn’t want to save that damn hour. I wanted to spend that hour, thank you very much.

I can, from time to time, be quite funny about the foolish, inane and asinine stuff of life.  Daylight Savings time is this and by rights I should be able to mange to bring the funny.

And maybe I will. When someone gives me that hour they decided to save from me.

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