Topic Sentences

Academic writing is boring to write and soul sucking to read. Instructors label a concise paragraph “good writing”, readers find these paragraphs terse and unapproachable. Sentences are staccato and offer limited opportunities for readers to pause or be engaged. Readers feel information is being hurled at them (Hurl, C, Flail, R, 1996) and they actively disengage their reading skills to avoid being harmed by sharp and uninteresting facts. (Dullard, M, 1948). Direct and plain communication limits opportunities to inspire. The best academic writing uses a formula of Topic Sentence, Claim, Evidence, Conclusion in every paragraph. Boring Scientist James Ilivealone says “most readers would rather poke their eyes out than read an MBA paper that uses the same paragraph structure.” (Ilivealone, J, 205). ┬áNeither a writer nor reader of an academic paper should expect to be interested and engaged by the process.


I may have gotten my first 2 papers back. I actually was exactly average, and I know what I need to do to fix it. I will verify that with the writing coach on Sunday. I suspect I shouldn’t bring the above paragraph.

Thanks for bearing with me, it felt great to write it!

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3 Responses to Topic Sentences

  1. Scientistmother says:

    No!!! You must engage. Inspire. Tell a story that I want to keep reading. A variation in sentence structure, length , and style keeps the reader interested. Scientists know the art of writing.

  2. a says:

    People who read academic papers just want to know the information and how you came by it, so that’s why they seem so dull. ­čÖü

  3. Needles says:

    That kind of writing isn’t you. Though this small sample shows you can do it well enough. You got this. This is just finding your feet, and you got this. As trite as it is to say. You go girl fits!

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