16 hours

My alarm goes off about 7:10. I hit snooze. Sometimes twice.

I fill the kettle and plug it in. Walk down the hall to the loo. Unlock my door again. Pour grounds into the french press. Stir. Dump in cream.

Sit in an uncomfortable chair and review my readings.

Get up. Get dressed. Do my hair. Put on makeup.

Pack some snacks. Relevant readings and note books for the day. Some knitting.

Shovel cereal into my mouth.

Make my bed.

Somewhere between 6-8 hours of lectures. Teachers, discussions, notes.

Dinner. There are 6 options at the cafeteria. Every 4th day I eat the same thing.

Team meetings and work.

Walk for half an hour while I talk to someone from home.

Dorm room to study and read and do homework and individual assignments.

Fall into bed.

That’s 16 hours.

I’ll sleep for 8.

Awake again at 7:10.


It’s a good life.

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2 Responses to 16 hours

  1. Jane says:

    Oh, I remember the walk to the loo and the needing to remember my door key.

    It all worked beautifully until the day I locked myself out of my room, had to get let back in again, and could not find my key anywhere in my room….

  2. Catherine W says:

    I hope you are enjoying it. Even reading your description sends a little shiver of recognition down my spine.

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