Endless Grey

I’ve been lacking in ambition and drive in the last few weeks. This is probably normal – it’s grey out – days of endless drizzle, sleet, snow, rain. It’s a tough time of year for me – the anniversary of my mum’s death, Gabe’s death. The end of fall, the start of winter, the lengthening dark.

I try and breathe through it, just like I do every year. Tell myself that it happens every year, that it will be ok.

I look out the window, hoping for sunshine.

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2 Responses to Endless Grey

  1. a says:

    I hope the grey eases and the sun returns.

  2. loribeth says:

    (((Hugs!))) This is never an easy time of year for me too. I guess we both have company. 😉 Hang in there.

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