Judicious Application

I was talking to a friend about my financial accounting exam this coming Friday.

Mostly I am a bit panicked.

There are, I suppose, some who are simply so naturally skilled at accounting, who grasp the concepts so easily that they can skate along. Rarely is this me. I learn by a judicious application of, well, ass to seat and pen to paper. I guess, in this case, fingers to keyboard, since all of my study materials are on line questions.

I am not brilliant. I will say that again. I am not brilliant.

Mostly what I am is a combination of curious and diligent. I am good at focusing, I am good at asking questions and I am good at knowing what it takes for me to be successful, which mostly means that I know that I will pass this exam by doing question after question. It is boring. It is tedious. I may lose my mind if I get another question about costing for a stuffed alligator factory, the lampshade budgeting requirements or the break even point at the pen manufacturer.

I am the annoying kind of smart. Smart enough to be let in to do a grad degree, but not so brilliant that I will ever ace all of it, even with an extraordinary amount of effort.  Mostly I am going to muddle through. I will have occasional flashes of brilliance. Mostly I will plug away. I will do question after question. I will start my essays early, so that I have time to refine. I will read the text and then I will read and highlight and then I will make notes.

I am frustrated by the notion that I am brilliant. (Which was his word). Mostly because people assume that I don’t have to work and I don’t have reason to worry. I am frustrated because it is often hard for me. It is often challenging and rarely easy. I get my marks the old fashioned way – by hard work.

So stop telling me not to worry because I’m smart. I’m only smart enough to realize that I need to work hard.

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3 Responses to Judicious Application

  1. Infertile Phoenix says:

    Great post!! I started grad school this semester and it has been SO HARD. Yet, whenever I vent to a friend or a family member, they always say, “But you’re so smart. This is easy for you.” No it’s not! I am working my butt off and it is extremely challenging and I just want to complain a little.

    So nice to know you get it! So nice to have someone understand. 🙂 Keep up the good work!!!

  2. loribeth says:

    I’m sure you ARE brilliant 😉 but I understand this completely. Nothing used to piss me off more than people who would tell me how “smart” I was… mostly because I was only too aware of how very much I did NOT know. There were some things I was very good at & knowledgeable about, but others where I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. When I got to university, I did well (& probably could have done better, if I’d applied myself more & partied less…!) but nobody was telling me I was brilliant anymore, and it was such a huge relief not to have to live up to that label.

  3. Needles says:

    The number one key to being smart is understanding how little you know, working hard to change that and then keeping at it doggedly.

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