I should learn this

In certain circles, possibly after a few drinks, I’ll tell you the story of the call I took with a very, very senior executive. The call lasted for half an hour. I took it completely nude, standing in the bathroom, the shower I had just gotten out of running behind me. I stayed in the bathroom for the duration of the call. I was realizing that I hadn’t brought the towels up from the laundry when my phone rang. So. Nude it was.

In certain circles, I’ll point out that the call yielded a quarter of a million dollars in work for my team. The client never knew. I’ve never told him. It’s a funny┬ástory, mostly because if you know me you can see how I did it and how strange it felt and how perfectly capable I am of compartmentalizing┬áthe fact I am nude in my bathroom and still talking about my professional skills. The fact that I was on medical leave in 2014 was immaterial.
All of this to say that I was getting dressed this morning, about 10 minutes before 8 am. My phone rang and I answered it. I carried on a call about a project plan with my bra half on.

These men. They wonder why I have a hard time meeting their eyes sometimes.

Don’t answer your phone.

I should learn this.

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3 Responses to I should learn this

  1. Jane says:

    I interviewed for my current job in pyjama bottoms. I only twigged about 5 minutes before the interview that, maybe, I should change out of the pyjama top as a Google Hangout has video….

  2. Needles says:

    And you too Mrs. Spit. I have learned so much.

  3. loribeth says:

    Haha, I remember when I was a kid and we first heard discussion of “TV phones” like they had on “The Jetsons.” My mother & her friends were horrified at the thought; what if they had curlers in their hair?? Your post adds a brand-new dimension to that thought, lol!!

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