setting the attractions of my good parts aside I have no other charm

I have faults. I’m, uh… easily mesmerized by people who use multi-syllabled words and, um, men who can discuss Tolstoy. Diane Lockhart, Good Wife. 

Maybe you have been somewhere and you observed a couple on a date. You have recognized it is going badly. He’s having a great time and she’s wishing she could be having a pap smear.

While in line for the women’s washroom, wishing the line were ever so much longer, I realized that I was that woman.

Worse still, I did this to myself.

I can’t tell on first dates. I can usually tell by the second date.  The date tonight was supposed to be a second date, but there was an unplanned sushi date on Thursday. I knew at the end of Thursday’s date that he was a non starter.

The plans were made, the tickets had been bought. It seemed kindest to just go and end things with a nice text on Monday.

So, he had a great time. I was thankful that you can’t talk during a play. I’m sitting in my backyard, drinking wine.

When I left Owen, I did so knowing that I would be happier alone. I knew how painfully lonely I could be while still married. It wasn’t that I didn’t expect to be lonely while single, it was that it would at least be a more understandable sort of lonely.

I am, therefore, a bit of a snob. I don’t care if you haven’t ever seen Shakespeare. There’s tons of stuff that I haven’t seen. Admit it. Or be silent. You give yourself away when you call Romeo and Juliet a Comedy.

Maybe I find a guy who uses multi-syllabled words and can discuss Shakespeare. It isn’t this guy.

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4 Responses to setting the attractions of my good parts aside I have no other charm

  1. Barb says:

    Ooooh my. Sounds like a good choice on your part. Ugh.

  2. a says:

    Well, there might be some merit in discussing why someone would call Romeo and Juliet a comedy. I would have that conversation. 🙂

  3. Jane says:

    You like tragedies, I like comedies. Let’s call the whole thing off (because we’ll never find anything we’ll both enjoy watching simultaneously…).

  4. Catherine W says:

    Hmm sounds interesting!

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