Hers, In Mine

I am on a new medication and it gives me a dry mouth. My solution is to keep a ziploc baggie of scotch mints in my purse.

They sit next to the package of kleenex.

Which makes me my mother.

Last Saturday I saw my hairdresser. Who has been seeing me since I was 6. We both had heart failure that I was turning 40 soon enough. She reminded me. I have good genes. I will age well enough.

On my dresser sits a picture of my hand holding hers, as she died. I marvel at how alike our hands are. Short and stubby fingers. Strong hands. I think of her as I do certain things. Send thank you cards. Set the table. Dress nicely wherever I go.¬†As I made reference to “wearing my grubs” to go and help a friend with some painting.

I thought of this, not unhappily, as I sat on a bench next to the man my mother was dating when she died, arguing politics.

Sometimes, in the right light, when I am tired, I will see the lines in her face, in mine. Sometimes, when I am arguing about politics, I will hear her voice, in mine.

She would have been 70 last week.

I miss her.

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2 Responses to Hers, In Mine

  1. Barb says:

    All the love to you

  2. Chris says:

    This is totally off the topic of your post- but no one warned me when I started complaining of dry mouth from medication that this was actually a SERIOUS side effect. I went from having perfect teeth. I was 20 and never had a cavity to having gumline cavities all over my mouth. 20ish years later I pretty much have constant dental work despite brushing my teeth 3-4 times a day! So, I say start using the dry mouth toothpaste, mouth wash etc. right now, before it gets worse. Personally, I recommend biotene although there are a few of them. Anyway, I know it wasn’t the point of your post but…I’d feel badly if I didn’t mention that, I hope that makes sense.

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