Slowly . . . Accidentally


I’m slowly learning about myself.

It’s not deliberate or calculated.

It’s a series of accidental observations.

It turns out that I like doing yard work. I surprise myself at how orderly I am. I like the process of yard work and tidying.

These things I did while married because that was I figured a wife should do – no one cares now. I only have to please myself.

I eat dark chocolate and drink red wine. I like the combination. I don’t like apples. I eat more vegetables and haven’t bought apples in months.

I don’t know how to ask a romantic partner for emotional support. It’s a skill I lack. I can ask my friends, but not someone I’m dating.

I’m working on that.

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  1. Barb says:

    LOVE dark chocolate and sweet reds. But I also love apples. 🙂

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