About 3 years ago I started playing this silly little game on my iPhone, called Pearl’s Peril. I think I started when I was first diagnosed with MS. Someone told me, I read somewhere or I just decided that one way to stave off worries about cognitive decline was to play a hidden object game.

Which I did. I (mostly) refused to spend money on it, so I played it for a bit more than three years. Usually only a round a day. It was part of my morning routine. Make coffee, feed pets, play a round while I drank my coffee.

I finished the last level this weekend. Pearl and Klaus got married, and I found the last fire extinguisher/canteen/cobweb and bat.

This morning I got up, made my coffee, fed the pets and sat down on the couch. I’ve tried a few other games, but none of them fit quite so well.

Like I said, it’s a silly game and this is a silly thing. It was a silly part of my life for about 3 years, and that’s not nothing.

Thanks Pearl’s Peril, I’m glad you were around.

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