Baz Luhrman rather famously says you should wear sunscreen and that there’s no point in worrying because the real troubles in life will blindside you randomly on a Tuesday at 4pm.

At 9:15am on Thursday, before a second cup of coffee, I was being grilled about what I would do if the training data in a neural network led to an algorithm that provided incorrect outcomes. I gave a pretty good answer, which is not a bad feat for a political science major who reads about machine learning for fun.

I’ve made mention of the fellow I was dating. Casually. He was (and is) a nice guy. But he was looking for a different kind of woman. That’s ok, but it does mean there’s an incompatibility. I ended it on Monday. I miss having someone to chat to, but fundamentally I’m ok.

I have all these thoughts about it, about what I learned, about what happened, about how I feel. I’ll probably get around to breaking that down.

Mostly, I know that the things you never know to worry about, they happen randomly on a Tuesday at 4pm. So too do the best things in life.

Maybe I’ll be single for the rest of my life. Maybe, randomly, I’ll meet the love of my life.

Who knows.

Baz is right. Wear sunscreen.

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  1. Debby Hornburg says:

    You are a wise woman.

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