It Came Without Tags, It Came Without Packages

I am typing this by the light of my Christmas tree, with about a quarter of a butter tart sitting on the couch arm next to me. The other three-quarters of the tart are safely ensconced in my tummy.

It is a surprising thing that I have a tree this year. To put a positive spin on Christmas, I might say that I took the opportunity to consider what Christmas traditions I liked and how I wanted to interact with Christmas.

To be more honest, my biggest problem was, and had been for months, what I was going to do for Christmas Day. I’ll put in a big PSA at this point. If you know someone whose circumstances changed over 2017 – they got divorced, they moved, someone died, they lost friends, would you please consider providing them a plate at your Christmas dinner? There is nothing so terrible as realizing that you are going to spend Christmas alone.

I thought about it hard. I did the baking because I love giving it away. I like the opportunity to thank my neighbours for being great neighbours. I did the festival of lessons and carols, which I used to do with my mum, because I love the feeling of history and connection it gives me.

I stood in line at the bookstore and they had Christmas Cards on sale. I couldn’t be fussed to get cards with a photo, but I managed a greeting card and a Christmas letter, in part because I liked the letter part. More than that, I like getting cards from people and giving them seems to increase the likelihood of getting them.

The tree came about differently.

I like staring at the lights. I like sitting with a coffee, with a butter tart and losing myself in the lights. I found myself, on Saturday, almost without thought, pulling up the tree, putting out some ornaments. Digging through the many boxes which can allow me to vomit Christmas over my entire house, finding enough to make the place look festive inside and out.

My present, which arrived in the mail from Ms. Fab is sitting under the tree.

I am staring at the lights.

And suddenly, Christmas is here.

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3 Responses to It Came Without Tags, It Came Without Packages

  1. Debby Hornburg says:

    If only! Oh, if ONLY!!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    You are so very, very right! My circumstances are different- I’m married but this is the first Christmas my husband has ever seemed interested in any of the festivities. Perhaps I’m wearing off on him. However, my mom and I had always made a big deal out of everything Christmas- and for many years after her death doing any of it was just- work. I think it was 9 years before I put up a tree. The first 5 or 6 where it as just husband, my father (not my favorite person) and me were tough. But suddenly, when we moved my oldest, dearest, best friend in the whole world invited us to spend Christmas with her family. They included us because she and her mom (who have known me since 2nd grade) knew it was hard and knew different would be good. It was. Things have changed- best friend is now divorced and we still spend every holiday together. Plus, I’ve gotten the wonder of my adopted* nieces and nephew as a bonus. So, your PSA of including others is getting a resounding YES! YES! from me. 🙂 It made a world of difference- this year I even put up a tree with some joy. It’s a work in progress.

    *not having siblings of my own, her children have always been mine just because.

  3. loribeth says:

    Merry Christmas, Mrs. Spit! <3

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