Never Mind the Quarks

I have a post I’m working on about ancient philosophy and quarks. Mostly about the fact that I think I got a lot of my physics knowledge from Aristotle and other hellenistic philosophy and that was maybe not a very good plan because I don’t know what quarks are and they are important and interesting.

Anyway. Not where I’m going with this. (But quarks are kind of interesting. Certainly more interesting than Anaxagoras, who thought that cheese was made of bone and flesh. Turned me off cheese for about two weeks.) 

When my house got broken into, a number of people insisted that I should get cameras or an alarm. I had always said the dog was my security system; but it turns out she’s totally useless if you give her a milkbone. Or several. 

I thought long and hard. I didn’t want the hassle of a security company. I suppose I could have gotten cameras, but in my experience that just means you can give the police crappy photos of the people who broke into your house. So I wound up with a smart security system. It’s kinda the compromise between all the other option (Except for the dog refusing to defending her turf. Not much I can do about her nature). 

That went really well. Seriously. It took like half an hour to set up. I can turn it on from my phone, if I forget. I can see my front hall. 

Then last week was time change. Each time that happens, my programmable thermostat loses its little electronic mind. My only option is to stay home from work on a Monday at 9 am, take the batteries out, put them back in and then carry on for the next 6 months. I finally had enough, so I bought a nest, which is a smart thermostat. 

From there, it isn’t far to wanting to be able to yell at the thermostat that I wanted it to turn up the heat. Which then meant I got an Echo. From there I decided it was going to be cool if I could turn on the basement lights (because I often forget to turn them off; also they are on pull chains and it’s hard to do that when your hands are full of laundry. 

Which lead to “wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn off the living room lights, including the one that has the switch behind the couch.” 

Which has now turned into “Hey, I wonder if I can lock and unlock the doors remotely and can I turn off switched lights off remotely?”. 

It turns out, you can. 

I’m pretty sure that quarks are involved. 

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  1. Chris says:

    Could I inquire as to what security system was that easy to set up? We’ve been talking about it but neither of us are handy (I only have one good hand and my husband has zero interest in anything that requires a tool. However, he does love technology so I’m optimistic…..)

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