Not Quite Poirot

I was tidying up at the end of my Brownie meeting when Miss J arrived, rather flustered. “Woolly Owl, I am missing my boots.” 

Step one is usually to go and look with the girl. In doing this, jackets, scarves, craft projects and water bottles miraculously re-appear from their sojourn in a very hidden parallel universe. It’s my super power, really. 

I exercised my superpower. The boots did not appear. 

Mildly perplexed, I asked Miss J to describe her boots. She thought for a few seconds, screwing up her mouth as her hair fell into her face . . . 

Well“, she said. “There are two of them and they keep my feet warm.” 

After some more discussion, we determined that they were purple, or maybe pink. Possibly two shades of pink? She thought they were sparkly, but maybe that was her other boots? 

A slight bit of further sleuthing located a pair of brown suede-ish boots left behind. Miss J agreed that these were absolutely, completely and utterly not her boots. Those boots were ugly (in truth, they were) and hers were not ugly.  

Alas, this is a winter climate and I am a sensible Owl. I sent her home in those boots, which mostly fit. There were, after all, two of them and they seemed like they would keep her feet warm. 

That was Tuesday. The remainder of my week has been spent attempting to ferret out who owns a pair of brown-ish suede boots and where a pair of missing boots (which could be pink or not pink) might have gone. 

Less Woolly Owl and more Poirot then. 

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  1. Wooly Owl! That suits you. I picture a bespectacled owl knitting.

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