Sit Rep

This morning I asked my niece in law if she could, in her “spare time”, please get a hold of one of Andy’s doctors to get a letter indicating that Andy was going to be dying soon. You see, the borders are closed except for “essential travel” and the definition of “essential” wasn’t as robust as one might expect. The letter might help explain that no, this wasn’t a fun jaunt, I was coming because Andy was dying. Not dying in the hypothetical, not dying in the abstract, but actually dying right this minute and could you just let me through.

We were working on that when the . . .


I have tried, more or less, to be at least somewhat civil about Trump. I have tried to remember people I love voted for him.

The absolute flaming pile of horse shit that 46.1% of Americans (including the niece and nephew I am trying to get to) voted for has decided that what he most needs in the middle of a pandemic is not universal healthcare, it is not to value science, it is not universal basic income, no it is to militarize the borders with . . . . Canada.

Canada and the US have the longest unmilitarized border in the world. Indeed, we couldn’t be bothered to decide what the full and official border was until 1908 (this was 41 years after confederation for Canada and 132 years after the US declared independence). We had a joint commission and sent out a bunch of surveyor’s and sometime around 1925, we all decided that the map they came up with was good enough.

Until today, the Department of Foreign Affairs in Canada, while not encouraging me to go to the US, did seem to understand that the situation was rather dire. They could tell me that with my Canadian passport, Canada Custom’s would have to let me back in and that at least now, and likely then, if then was not too far in the future, I would have to quarantine myself in my house for 14 full days if I had no symptoms, and then the length of the symptoms plus 10 days after if I did develop Covid like symptoms.

Until the moron that somehow got elected president got involved and was confused about what a pandemic meant and what one should do and also – again – the military on the border – and now?


Now I can’t get there.

To be clear – I may be the only Canadian wanting to actually get into the US right now. I am probably the only person I can even think of who wants to leave the world of the social safety net, universal healthcare, kindness, good government and a Prime Minister who has managed to govern the country from home because he’s also a full-time parent, whose wife is in quarantine.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have another (Canadian) beer.

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4 Responses to Sit Rep

  1. Betty Ann says:

    So sorry–and angry on your behalf. I apologize (although I didn’t vote for him). We do have some actual, rational, caring leaders in the US (think Andrew Cuomo). This isolation is having deep, deep effects on people’s lives. But I am actually suspicious that the actions regarding the Canadian border is a way of furthering his agenda for a wall on the Mexican border. I hope that you can find ways to remain connected with the family you so deeply love.

  2. a says:

    Ah, fuck. The Manchurian cantaloupe strikes again. I’m so sorry.

  3. Debby says:

    I did NOT vote for him. At this point, I cannot even stand to hear his voice. He’s sickening. Just as sickening to me are all the idiots who are trying to tell me what a wonderful job he’s doing.


  4. Chris says:

    I am so sorry. I for one did NOT vote for the yammering yam idiot occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and long for things with Canada and U.S. (and in general) to return to “normal.” In the meantime, I sit, locked down thanking my lucky stars to be in a state with sane leadership. Thank you Gov. Newsom, of Ca. Here we can go nowhere…my nephew was in the hospital as happens about once a year as a result of his time in the army. And even though he’s been discharged due to his injury and is home I couldn’t go see him because……we’re locked down, and I know how that hurts and he’s alive and wellish. So I’m very very sorry, and sending very long distance hugs.

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