Come What May

On Tuesday, when I got the meeting invite I knew, with a sinking sort of feeling, was the meeting where I was going to be laid off, I texted Kuri and told her that Covid be dammed, I needed a hug. She arrived with hugs and poured rather a lot of beer into me.

Yesterday, when I texted a friend to ask about how to file for unemployment insurance, she both answered me and showed up with more beer and a small dog to sit in my lap and cuddle.

I am fortunate. I have enough money between the little bit of top up my work is giving me and employment insurance and my own savings, that as long as I’m frugal and either back to work at my employer or I have found another job, I will be ok for three months. (After three months it gets way harder).

I had started teaching myself python and Tableau before I was unemployed. I’ll carry on with that, and maybe go and find some undergrad statistics classes before I go and take a grad stats class.

I’ll weed and maybe visit with friends where is safe. I’ll build a catio and restain my deck and finally build a garden bench. I might clean the basement. I’ll read Focault, who is my summer reading project anyway.

I’ll keep plugging away on finding a job, knowing my employer is plugging away on finding a way to get me billable again.

And come what may, I’ll breathe through the next little bit. I have friends.

(And to the many of you who reached out, thank you. It will take me a bit to get through the awfulness of the last little bit.)

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4 Responses to Come What May

  1. a says:

    I’m sure someone will swoop you up soon. But maybe a break right now is a good thing and you should take advantage of a month off before you start looking in earnest. Good luck.

  2. Julie says:

    Damn, you’re getting hit from all sides. I’m sorry. Good luck taking time to sort through it all, and be kind to yourself.

  3. loribeth says:

    I remember when I lost my job, almost six years ago now… I got an email, late in the afternoon, from my VP, asking me to a meeting to discuss “changes in the department.” Location to be advised in another email later. I’d been to other such meetings over the years, when my bosses had laid out what the reorg plan was and where they saw me in the new structure, so I figured this was what was happening. But the next morning, there was another email, with the meeting location, which was on an entirely different floor in an entirely different (connected) building. It was the floor where HR was located. I knew then that I was toast & called dh to let him know I was about to lose my job. And sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.

    It sounds like they are open to hiring you back once business picks up again. Crossing all my crossables that happens soon. Definitely take a bit of a break before starting your job search… (most of my colleagues who got laid off at the same time as me did). I think you’ve earned it!

  4. Debby says:

    I agree with the whole ‘take a break’ idea. You’ve had a tough few years, and I think it’s time to breathe.

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