But my Pants Still Fit

I have to go and get a Covid test today. This is partly because we are testing even the asymptomatic here in Alberta, and partly because on Fri-Sat I had a mildly stuffy nose and a sore throat and a headache. In any other timeline, I would have shrugged and thought allergies or mild cold, but in this timeline, well, testing it is.

I was talking to Christie yesterday afternoon and I commented that I unpacked all of my summer work clothes, ironed them, hung them up and I have worn. . . . Well, none of them. When you leave the house for groceries and pet food, you wear jeans and hoodies.

I put on a pair of dress pants and a cardigan and a nice shirt and even a necklace. I wore make up.

I am dressing up for a pandemic flu test.

But. . . .

My pants still fit, so that’s something good.

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3 Responses to But my Pants Still Fit

  1. a says:

    Well, those symptoms sound pretty mild, so I’m not sure what to hope for – that you’ve gotten this virus beat and you’re out of harm’s way or that it is just allergies. Either way, much luck, and congratulations on your pants continuing to fit.

  2. Debby says:

    My pants fit too! I’m claiming a miracle here.

  3. loribeth says:

    I held my breath when I had to put on my jeans after about six weeks in yoga pants. Fortunately, they still fit. My last-summer capris & shorts too. Whew!

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