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The good thing about the pandemic is that I can take 2 courses this semester. Most of my courses are ‘asynchronous’, meaning that I have about an hour of remote learning that is time dependent, then the rest is done on my own time. While I’ll miss seeing my classmates, and my instructors, and anything other than my house, if I can keep this pace up over the year, I’ll have shaved a year off my education.

It’s weird to go back to school while unemployed. I applied for my 60th job a few weeks ago, and while I do believe that some of this is a numbers game, and while I keep reminding myself that the extension of my part time U of A gig means that I’m ok until the end of December, I’m still unemployed. It is not showing signs of getting better.

When I think back to the times in my life where I have been unmoored, unsure, this isn’t the first. In all those cases, I did not know how it would end until it did end. In many cases, there was nothing I could do to make it end, until that time had come.

I’m back to school. I’ve bought a single text book and a bunch of video games. I’ll apply for more jobs this week.

Sometimes the chief virtue of this sort of situation is that I know I will survive it. I have no other choice really.

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