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One of my classes this semester is a SQL database class. At the ripe old age of 42, someone is demystifying the basics of database design, running an SQL query, importing data into a database.

I love this class. I love every moment of this class. I loved building relationship diagrams. I loved writing SQL queries.

I’ve wondered why I love it, especially as I have to guard the class time so carefully (4 hours is a long time to be unavailable for meetings when your job is meetings and you are working 12 hour days). I suppose some of the love is the fact that it has nothing to do with anything that I currently do for a living. It’s a blessed break from Covid and Project Plans and Transition Plans. Some of it has to be that I thought this was mysterious. Obviously, it’s the early (and easy) stages, but this is code that I can understand. I can see where this code keeps its brain. None of it is abstract. Equally, I loved watching a database unfurl in response to my questions – stretching itself out in a linear format. I love the inherent order in tables and rows. I love that I thought this was going to be so hard and instead it’s so logical and sensible.

In a world where I am drowning in chaotic data, where it cannot be organized and it cannot be understood. At a time when the data changes so often, what was real and true yesterday is gone today, I’ll take rows and columns. I’ll take the ability to query a set form of knowledge and get answers. It seems useful and helpful. Not simple, but straightforward.

I think this is love.

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  1. Debby says:

    I can see why it is so important to you, why it is so lovely. However, that being said, it still sounds ghastly to me. 🙂 It takes all kinds of kinds.

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