The Problem with Being Technical

I tell people I’m not technical, which is true and not true. Certainly, I wasn’t technical say, 25 years ago. 23 years ago I found touch typing to be impossible. 18 years ago excel was a painful software tool I only had to use once in a while. 10 years I wrote pseudo-code for the first time. 5 years go I wrote actual code for the first time.

Yesterday I went hunting through a config table to find a setting for this blog that had gone haywire. I found it, and by dint of a course on SQL I understood enough of what I was looking at to turn all of my plug-ins off, so I could turn them on, one by one until I found the one that buggered everything up.

I am typing this in a quiet house, the gentleman caller and the house tweens upstairs, asleep. In the background is a deployment call – various developers spouting off technical jargon as they have taken a very critical piece of software offline and begin the process of setting it up so that it can do more things. Unlike even 5 years ago, I know their language now.

All of this to say that my blog stopped working for a bit in October. I updated a plugin and everything fell apart. I got really busy, it took a bit of time to fix it. I figured I could fix it and I’m glad I was right.

I missed talking to you.

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  1. debby says:

    I’m so glad you’re back. I was getting a Christmas card together to ask you why you’d pulled your blog! I missed you too.

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