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Ahem. . .

This has post has been kicking around, for, well awhile. But, I was doing some Christmas baking, and my mum came for coffee, and now it’s late and my teeth really hurt and I don’t have a post for today. So, consider this a burst of summer memories, in a wintry moment, would you?

Slate has Obama’s summer reading list up. Now, it seems to me, but asking to see someone’s reading list, especially a summer one, is like asking: boxers or briefs.

It’s a fundamentally personal question that gets given all sorts of meanings that aren’t necessarily true, and more than that, no one is going to answer really honestly anyway.

You may have noticed that I’m a book person. Not just a reader, but a book lover. A reader reads, a book lover enjoys everything about books. A book lover goes to books first. A book lover buys books for the sake of having them.

I’m not sure that it matters, but I haven’t watched television in at least 6 months. (I think the last show was a Discovery production about King Tut. Egyptology is a secret love of mine). The last television series I watched was the West Wing, which went off the air in 2006 (Oh, how I miss thee Toby).

And about the only thing that might tell you, knowing that I don’t watch TV and I read obsessively, is that much like anything else, there are some books I will cop to reading, and there are some that I won’t. You can go and look at any book lovers list. They will effectively have 2 piles. The living room pile (Wayson Choy’s Not Yet, Julie and Julia, A Prairie Mennonite Woman’s history, The Book of Negro’s and a re-read of Mansfield Park).

Ahh, by my bed. Yes, well. If you really want to know what a book lover reads, check out beside their bed. Next to the loo. In their home study. Those books are in helter skelter piles. Some books stay in the pile for a long time. You can see what books I’ve been trying to read for a year (Late Nights on Air, by Elizabeth Hayes) and more. I’ve been buying book series. Much the same way that people buy television series, but possibly more pulpy. There you’ll find Elizabeth Peter’s – both her Amelia Peabody and her Vicky Bliss books. You’ll find the Aunt Dimity books, and an Ian Rankin Novel. I’ve got The Girl who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson (and I’m not sure what the heck happened here – I sat up until 1:30 am reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).

And so I feel for your President. I’d die if my list got publicized. I really would.

Sometimes a book is just a book.

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7 Responses to Book Me

  1. Debra She Who Seeks says:

    Gawd, I thought you were going to confess to reading Harlequin Romances or something. Confess. CONFESS! (That's my best Spanish Inquisition imitation, by the way).

  2. WhiteStone says:

    If DH loses a book (or a Bible..he has several) the last place he looks and the first place he SHOULD, is under his bed. His bed books fill his end table, tumble to the floor, and sometimes scoot under the bed. When I clean under the bed (ever now and then) there will invariably be several books there, open, face down, waiting to be picked up again.

  3. Bluebird says:

    I TOTALLY agree!! Although my bed-side pile is much more incriminating than yours 🙂

  4. Trish says:

    You know, I wouldn't be ashamed of mine. And it's REALLY anti-intellectual. Just barely a step above the much maligned harlequin romances, really.
    I like funny crimes stories most of all. (Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plus series is my favorite.) Sometimes I like some darker crime stuff, the occasional fantasy/sci-fi stuff. (Yes, I read and enjoyed the Twilight series.)

    In short, I like brain candy. But I don't feel any shame in that at all. David reads history books for fun. I think he's a masochist. He wanders through and sees something mind-numbing I'm watching on TV and tells me he can feel himself getting stupider.

    We just have our "things."

    Of course, I'm also a 33yo woman with a Miley Cyrus song as a ring tone on my cell phone, so I clearly have no standards.

  5. Good Timing says:

    I really didn't like Late Nights on Air either… It took me a long time to read because I just couldn't get into it. Shhhh, I am re-gifting it to someone else for Christmas!! HAHA! I just read The Paperbag Christmas, The Hatbox Letters and am 1/4 of the way through The Book Thief [which I am loving!!]

  6. loribeth says:

    I too have living room & bedroom piles. (Plural.) And I LOVE Elizabeth Peters!!

  7. JamieD says:

    "A book lover buys books for the sake of having them."

    I have spent my entire life trying to explain this to my Dad. At an early age, I started spending my entire allowance at book fairs and on Scholastic book magazines. He never understood why I would buy a book, read it, then keep it forever.

    I am better at not keeping books forever. I have learned to discern between books that are just a good read and books that become a part of me. I do still have an attic full of Nancy Drew's and The Baby Sitter Club books.

    I have three books – Stranger in a Strange Land, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Old Curiosity Shop that I have been trying to read for over a year. Every time I go to Barnes and Noble, something bright and shiny catches my eye, and those three go to the bottom of my reading list again.

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